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Are you thriving or just surviving?

The COVID pandemic has created a concurrent crisis around mental health. We all need to be taking care of each other, but that includes ourselves. This is especially true for healthcare workers.

It's really important that those of us in lockdown keep to some sort of normality. It is too easy to spend our days in pj's and slippers, sleep late, eat irregularly and leave the day unfolded.

Even something as simple as our sleep patterns being knocked out of structure can cause the body an enormous amount of stress and have a knock on effect to your physical and mental health.

Daily routines, good food, plenty of water, music and exercise can help to maintain some sense of normality and keep your body in balance.

Don't be tempted to reach for extra snacks out of boredom. Break down your day and find the pace in your new daily patterns and behaviours.

Wake up with the sun, stretch, refresh, refuel. Make your bed ALWAYS, take a shower, wear your favourite dress/suit/shoes/lipstick etc Set realistic goals, polish your talents, harness your skills, take your time, complete tasks. Be kind to yourself

Your rules... Make it count.

This site from the Colorado Healthcare Ethics Resource Group offers information and resources to help address the anxiety and stress that can, if left unaddressed, deteriorate into crisis.

Why not try one of FullStarts online fitness classes and workout from home?

Stay safe. Keep active.

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