Have fun & get active with your partner, best friend or family.

Due to the Covid-19 Virus .Full|Start services are limited.

As of the 1st of June classes & groups of 6 persons, including instructors, are permitted in the UK providing they take place outside & social distancing guidelines are followed.

Therefore .Full|Start currently offer our classes, workshops & group training sessions for up to five persons and we await further instructions, following government guidelines, to lift restrictions.

please see below for booking details & pricing.

contact for further enquiries.


We know how much your training means to you & how much a sense of community is worth at this time.

Baring this in mind .Full|Start have introduced a small, temporary class timetable, as part of our RETRO FITNESS outdoor training projects.

.Full|Start's Retro fitness class is a high intensity, multi functional, group based workout class designed to target your full body.

Breathing life back into local spaces & bringing back a sense of community for the benefit of optimising overall health & wellness.

*all abilities welcome

Please see details below & keep an eye out for new classes & updates. 

If you or someone you know would be interested in a class near you, please contact at:



Desktop Workshop

Boost office moral & increase alertness. Decrease back & neck pain, improve circulation & optimise productivity, all taking place in a space no bigger than your desk.

A unique office-based energiser blast designed to shake up the day & re stimulate the mind.

Little Feats (7-11yrs)

An interactive, game-based movement class for little feet.

Jump, Skip, Roll, Run your way though our active workshop... have fun with .Full|Start Fitness.

Connectivity (18+)

Want to get active or just passionate about fitness?

Love music - hate the generic playlists & awkward atmosphere of the gym?Looking for a sober alternative to the pub with your mates?

... We've got you covered.

.Full|Start set the atmosphere with a Live DJ & kick off with the good old touch activity of Bulldog

A community based project aimed to bring some old school fun back to getting active.

Check out some of our community-based projects & classes
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